Embark on a journey with Thai Seaplane, where aviation meets maritime wonders. From our genesis to our future endeavors, discover our commitment to excellence, collaboration, and ecological mindfulness.

TSP plane Thai Seaplane
Milestone 2018-2023

2023 - A New Dawn

Rebranded as “Thai Seaplane,” we commenced our sightseeing operations from our private lounge at Krabi Airport in December. Offering two signature aerial tours: the “Island Serenade” and the “Andaman Odyssey”, each route promises a unique and breathtaking view of Thailand’s coastal gems. Our journey continues with a clear vision to pioneer extensive seaplane services and achieve operational excellence by 2024.

2022 - Expanding the Fleet

We acquired a Cessna Caravan Amphibian, proudly named “Phi Phi”, marking a pivotal step in our journey towards aerial service excellence in Thailand.

2021 - Building Our Core

Laying a strong foundation, we began recruiting experienced and professional team members and executives, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and safety.

2020 - Reflection and Resilience

During challenging times, we adapted and reshaped our vision, gearing towards a sustainable and innovative future.

2018 - The Inception

Starting as “Avanti Air Charter,” we introduced unique sightseeing tours around southern Thailand.
Thai Seaplane Collaborations-Commitments

Collaborations & Commitments

Wipaire & Textron.

Trusted partners for our maintenance and repair supplies.

Flight Safety Internationa

Our pilots, among the first in Thailand, earned the Cessna SET class rating from this globally renowned ATO.

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Working hand-in-hand to introduce and promote seaplane services to the Thai community and travelers.

Marine Department

Ensuring our operations are in harmony with marine life and wildlife.

Civil Aviation Training Center

Collaborating to introduce an aircraft maintenance engineer course for aspiring individuals.

National Institute for Emergency Medicine

Joining forces to offer air ambulance services during emergencies from 2024 onwards.


Our Vision Ahead

Future Destinations – Launching in 2024

Embark on a journey where the skies greet Thailand’s iconic coastal gems. Starting 2024, Thai Seaplane will redefine travel by bridging bustling city airports with tranquil island paradises.

Whether it’s the allure of Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta’s serene shores, or the lively hubs of Phuket and Krabi, our seaplanes promise quick and picturesque commutes. Anticipate a blend of convenience and breathtaking vistas as we navigate Thailand’s diverse terrains.


Why Choose Thai Seaplane?

Our seaplane, offering a travel speed 4 times faster than traditional speedboats, are set to redefine island-hopping in Thailand. Experience the scenic beauty from the skies and the efficiency of modern aviation.

By 2025, expect our fleet to grow with four Cessna Caravan Amphibians. From 2025 to 2027, we’re excited to introduce two Twin Otters, enhancing our footprint in Thailand’s skyways.