Phi Phi Islands Photo Contest

Score Big with Thai Seaplane!

Hey there, wanderlust warriors!

As the clock ticks down to our grand take-off on 1st December 2023, we’re thrilled to unveil a dazzling promotion tailor-made for our community of explorers. Step into the spotlight with Thai Seaplane’s Phi Phi Islands Photo Contest! This is your golden ticket to turn those cherished Phi Phi snapshots into exclusive flight vouchers.

Here’s How You Can Soar with Us:

Flashback to Phi Phi

Dig out that stunning Phi Phi snapshot. Be it sun-kissed shores, towering cliffs, or the kaleidoscope beneath the waves, we want to relive it all.

Narrate & Relive

Every picture has a tale. Share what made that Phi Phi moment unforgettable for you.

Share, Tag, & Triumph

Put it out on your social feeds with #thaiseaplane, and you’re a step closer to the skies!

Your Ticket to the Clouds:

Strike a chord with your post, and be among the first 50 to snag a Thai Seaplane voucher code worth 3000 THB sent directly to your inbox! Your ticket to an unparalleled aerial spectacle over Thailand awaits.

So, are you ready to swap those Phi Phi memories for some sky-high rewards? Dive in, spread the word, and get set to jet!

Until we meet in the skies,

The Thai Seaplane Crew

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