Thai Seaplane Unveils ‘Panyi Panorama’ and ‘Phi Phi Vista’

Sightseeing at Its Spectacular Best

Krabi, Thailand – Ahead of our grand launch on 1st December 2023, Thai Seaplane is delighted to introduce two breathtaking sightseeing routes: ‘Panyi Panorama’ for the northern escapade and ‘Phi Phi Vista’ for the southern expedition. These curated tours promise to showcase the picturesque beauty of Thailand’s seascape with an extraordinary aerial view that is bound to captivate your heart and soul.

Sunset view over the village, and over the waters.

Panyi Panorama

An Aerial Symphony

Prepare to embark on a 45-minute aerial odyssey that charts a course through Thailand’s northern coastal treasures. The ‘Panyi Panorama’ takes you over the spectacular Ko Poda, past the famed Railay Beach, around the majestic Ko Hong, across the serene Ko Yao Noi, and circles the iconic James Bond Island before a graceful sweep over the picturesque Ko Panyi. This route is a symphony of sights, seamlessly orchestrating the best of the Andaman’s vistas.

Phi Phi Vista

Coastal Charms from Above

On the ‘Phi Phi Vista’ route, a 30-minute southern voyage, the seaplane becomes your window to the soul of Thailand’s coast. Gliding over the idyllic Railay Beach, weaving through the iconic Ko Poda and Chicken Island, and sweeping past Ko Phai, this journey culminates with the legendary Ko Phi Phi and the unforgettable Maya Bay. It’s a coastal charm captured from the heavens, offering a unique perspective on these celebrated landscapes.

An Invitation to the Skies

Thai Seaplane is more than a mode of travel; it’s an experience woven into the tapestry of adventure and tranquility. With our focus on safety, paired with the captivating expertise of our pilots, every flight is a promise of discovery.

Be Among the First to Witness

Book your seat on Panyi Panorama or Phi Phi Vista and be among the first to witness Thailand’s awe- inspiring beauty from above. We are excited to turn these flights into your stories, your unforgettable memories. For booking your seat with destiny, contact us on our website or through our customer service team.

As we soar into the future, Thai Seaplane remains dedicated to crafting moments that are as precious as the jewels of Thailand we fly over. Join us as we celebrate the official launch and elevate sightseeing to an art form.

Fly into the Horizon

Let the horizon beckon you to new adventures with Thai Seaplane. Where the journey is as magnificent as the destination, and every view tells its tale.

Welcome aboard,

The Thai Seaplane Team

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