Muay Thai

The Art of Eight Limbs

Quick Facts


1-hour sessions to multi-day training camps.

Best for

Fitness enthusiasts, Martial arts aficionados, Anyone looking to immerse in Thai culture.


Comfortable sportswear, hand wraps, boxing gloves (usually available at training centers).

What To Expect

Step into the world of Thailand’s national sport and ancient martial art. Muay Thai is not just about fighting, but also about discipline, respect, and perseverance. Whether you’re watching a professional match or taking a beginner’s class, you’ll be captivated by the power, technique, and grace of this revered sport.

Local Trekking Routes

Emerald Muay Thai Gym

Phone: +66 83 548 3850

Rawai Muay Thai Camp

Phone: +66 76 288 034

Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp

Phone: +66 76 367 071

Insider Tips

If you’re new to Muay Thai, consider starting with a beginner’s class or introductory session.

Many training centers offer accommodations for those looking for immersive multi-day or week-long training camps.

Attend live matches at local stadiums for a complete Muay Thai experience.

Respect the traditions and rituals associated with the sport, including the pre-fight dance known as “Wai Khru Ram Muay.”

Must-Experience Events

Live Muay Thai Matches: Witness the intensity and skill of professional fighters in renowned stadiums such as Patong Boxing Stadium or Bangla Boxing Stadium.

Cultural Demonstrations: Observe traditional Muay Thai techniques, ceremonies, and dances often showcased in cultural centers and events.


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