Rock Climbing

Scale the Andaman Cliffs

Quick Facts


4-6 hours (depending on expertise)

Best for

Adventurers, Fitness enthusiasts, Experienced climbers

Gear Up

Climbing shoes, Harness, Chalk bag, Helmet (Also available for rent)


Guided instructors can be hired

What To Expect

Challenge yourself by scaling the iconic limestone cliffs. Witness stunning panoramas of the Andaman Sea and feel the raw adrenaline of conquering heights in a spectacular setting.

Local Trekking Routes

Gecko Thailand

Phone: +66 91 325 4958

Hot Rock Climbing

Phone: +66 85 641 9842

Railay Rock Climbing

Phone: +66 81 797 2517

Choose early mornings or late afternoons to avoid the harsh sun.

Always ensure safety first; don’t skip the briefing.

Respect the environment; avoid littering.

Climbing Routes Highlights

Railay’s Limestone Challenge

Famed for its scenic beauty and varying levels.

Phi Phi’s Sunset Point

Climb during sunset for a surreal view.

Tonsai Twist

A tricky route for the experts with Railay Rock Climbing.


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