Sea Kayaking

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Quick Facts

Duration: 2 hours to full-day excursions.

Best for: Nature lovers, Adventure enthusiasts, Families.

Essentials: Sunscreen, hat, waterproof bag for personal items.

What To Expect

Glide across the tranquil waters of the Andaman Sea as you navigate through limestone caves, mangroves, and hidden lagoons. Experience the magic of bioluminescent waters in some locations during the night.

Local Trekking Routes

John Gray’s Sea Canoe

Phone: +66 76 254 505

Paddle Asia

Phone: +66 81 893 6558

Two Sea Tour

Phone: +66 89 875 1827

Insider Tips

Phang Nga Bay is a popular destination for sea kayaking with its mesmerizing limestone karsts and emerald waters.

Consider night kayaking to witness the natural bioluminescence in the water.

Always respect local ecological guidelines – do not disturb wildlife or damage the fragile environment.

Must-Visit Kayaking Routes

Phang Nga Bay

Discover the limestone caves and hidden lagoons by paddling through.

Ao Thalane

Kayak through dense mangroves and witness diverse birdlife.

Hong Islands

Explore the secluded lagoons surrounded by towering limestone formations.