Surfing the Waves

Ride the Andaman Swell

Quick Facts


2-4 hours (depending on experience and conditions)

Best for

Beach enthusiasts, Thrill-seekers, Beginners to professionals

Gear Up

Surfboard, Leash, Wetsuit (for cooler seasons)

What To Expect

The Andaman Sea offers consistent waves suitable for all levels. With warm waters and a variety of breaks, surfers can expect an exhilarating experience while enjoying the scenic beauty of the surrounding islands.

Local Trekking Routes

Saltwater Dreaming

Phone: +66 76 390 664

Surf House Phuket

Phone: +66 76 376 663

Quiksilver Surf School

Phone: +66 76 681 600

Insider Tips

Kata Beach and Kalim Beach are popular spots with consistent waves.

Check wave forecasts before heading out.

Rent a board locally if you’re traveling without one; many operators provide quality rentals.

Surfing Hotspots

Kata Beach

Perfect for beginners with sandy bottoms and mellow waves.

Kalim Beach

Offers challenging reef breaks for the more experienced.

Nai Harn Beach

Ideal during the monsoon season, when swells are bigger.


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